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Agencies and IMO’s can greatly benefit from our innovative, comprehensive lead system. It’s not just Direct Mail, it’s a Lead System! One More Sale!

MSPowermail addresses:

  • Getting your agents in front of more prospects EVERY DAY
  • See your agents daily activity
  • Ability to monetize every possible lead

MSPowermail provides:
  • Maximization of your co-op dollars
  • Flexibility to transfer leads amongst agents (system enabled)
  • Neighborhood Lead Mapping - A nearly endless supply of prospects that have been pre-qualified and have already received the agent’s mailer. One More Sale!
  • Calendar allows you to see your agent’s activity and notes.
  • First Class Follow-up Letters at the click of a button prevent any lead from going to waste. One More Sale!
  • Receive quality leads even faster with our new LIVE LEAD TRANSFERS

Through years of talking to many owners and managers in the industry, we have seen the need to be active in helping to make your company more successful. Therefore, we offer this inclusive LMS to better fit your needs for lead generation, follow through, retention and the distribution of valuable leads.

Buying Power Saves You Money

Through a commitment to MSPowermail, you can qualify for a great rate for your organization that will help you maintain agents and in turn, make more money. This rate can be exclusive to you based on the business you bring to MSPowermail.

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Calendar Page - See all the activity and appointments made by your agents.
Export Leads Page - A simplified view of the generated leads that can be imported into a spreadsheet
Manage Leads Page - View a simplified version of your agent’s sales potential